Oh, hey! Don’t mind us, we’re just brainstorming on more ways to pull off the perfect brow look, but since you are here....

We are a team of two creatives who enjoy celebrating the unique beauty found in each and every person. SET soap is a Melbourne-based brand, founded by Marina and Tully. Marina is a brow artist with over 10 years experience, while Tully a business woman and fashion designer who runs her successful label of 8 years and counting, with an ever-growing passion for all things beauty. Together, driven by our mutual love for all things brows, we proudly launched SET Soap, a unique clear wax formula that will transform your look instantly.

Whether you are blessed with super thick, all-natural brows like Tully, or you are SET to step up your brow game like Marina, we are predicting that our SET soap will soon climb to the top of your yearly-must haves list.If you are looking for a game-changing brow product for your day-to-day makeup look, or want to get that ‘on trend’ Runway brow, we have you covered.



Email us at info@setsoap.com